Why the EMS?

Every event is different. We get that and strive to accommodate the needs of a multitude of events. We do this by providing you with a wealth of fine-tuning features to ensure you are in full control of your event.

Additionally, simplicity is our aim. The EMS reduces the hastle of managing an event by automating various processes involved in creating an engaging and organized event. For starters, the EMS enables you to host all the information for your event online for potential attendees to view easily.

You can have an event up and running on the EMS in 4 simple steps:

Create an event

Set up registration types ( fees if any)

Set up offline payment instructions (if any)

Open registration

A complete set of features to make managing your event effortless.

Access Management

You can create multiple users, to access your account, with various access levels to restrict access to some features.

Online Event Registration

Set up online registration for your event with just a few clicks.

Accept all forms of payment

The EMS allows you to receive payments by Credit Card, MPESA, and more, without any extra set up.

Event Page

The event page is a publicly viewable and customizable page where attendees will be able to view the event's details, schedule, speakers and register for the event.

Managing your events has never been so easy
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