The EMS has a wealth of features that give it the flexibility to handle any kind of event.

Access Management

You can create multiple users, to access your account, with various access levels to restrict access to some features.

Contact Database

You can import contacts into the EMS. Registrants to your events are also stored in the contact database, to shorten the registration process for successive events.

Event Setup

Create events to harness the full feature set of the EMS suite.

Event Page

The event page is a publicly viewable and customizable page where attendees will be able to view the event's details, schedule, speakers and register for the event.

Event Schedule

Create and manage your event schedule from within the EMS. This will be made available on the event's page.

Speaker Set Up

You can also manage your event's speakers (and their registration if necessary) using the EMS. The speakers will be shown on the event's page.

Online Registration

Set up online registration for your event in just a few clicks.

Auto Invoicing Online Payment

The EMS sends automatic invoices to registrants and accept payments in various currencies from various platforms: Visa, Mastercard, MPESA, Airtel Money and more.


Set up and manage discounts for your event's fees.

Checking In

You can check in your attendees on arrival at the venue through a quick search of registrant followed by a simple tap; quick and easy.

Track registration metrics

The EMS collects crucial information over the course of your event such as when a registrant paid, what time they checked in etc.

Managing your events has never been so easy
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